October 2018: Vocational training for electromobility - Summary


The State Institute for Vocational Training (ŠIOV) in cooperation with ZSE prepared and on 17.10.2018 carried out another technical training for pedagogical staff from pilot schools of the Green Wheels project from the Slovak and Czech Republic and other invited secondary vocational schools.

Thematically, the training was linked to the final package of worksheets (PL61-82) created and tested in the project consortium, and the content was mainly based on Worksheet no. 62.

In addition to the theoretical introduction of electrical equipment charging processes and management, information on infrastructure security in Slovakia and the surrounding Central Europe countries, technical and mobile applications for logistics processes, and the charging requirements for trips by electric vehicles, training was also a practical demonstration and testing of charging electric vehicle using multiple charging systems and connectors.

Based on a short questionnaire survey after completing the training, participants have expressed their satisfaction with this project activity and their interest in organizing further project training that supports their technical knowledge of electromobility which they can pass on to the pupils of their schools.



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